Make collaboration meaningful in healthcare.

Meaningful collaboration is critical in the transformation of healthcare. Next Wave Connect makes that possible for those who lead. 

As a healthcare leader, no longer do you have to waste time sorting through the noise of diluted global social platforms, build collaboration technology, nor wade in the “sea of disparity” known as email, cloud file sharing, and voice mail. Next Wave Connect is a unique community ecosystem where you make collaboration meaningful, for your members, your team mates, and you, from day one.

The Ecosystem

The community ecosystem connects healthcare leaders from associations, solutions companies, and care providers to collaborate in a more meaningful way. The ecosystem is exclusively healthcare and comprised of hundreds of communities both event driven and topic centered. Communities focus on Analytics, Value Based Reimbursement, Clinical Integration, Population Health,  Nursing, and more. 

Three unique attributes of the ecosystem that enable meaningful collaboration are committed community thought leaders, dubbed Advisory Council Experts (maybe you qualify to be one), Community Managers, and Producers. Click on the tile below to learn more about ACEs or how members accomplish their goals by using Community Managers and Producers.