Meaningful collaboration is critical in the transformation of healthcare. Next Wave Connect makes that possible for those who lead.

There's plenty of collaboration technology out there today. But there's only one community ecosystem that empowers you and your members with the right communities both inside your organization and across the industry.

Next Wave Connect enables your members to keep the conversation going before, during, and after your in-person events and meetings in an online community branded for your association. And with unique Next Wave community development services, make that collaboration meaningful through the ecosystem with ACE thought leaders, Community Managers and Producers.

The Healthcare Ecosystem

As a healthcare leader, no longer do you have to waste time sorting through the noise of diluted global social platforms, build collaboration technology, nor wade in the “sea of disparity” known as email, cloud file sharing, and voice mail. Next Wave Connect is a unique, exclusively healthcare community ecosystem comprised of hundreds of event and topical communities.

Stay Relevant with Your Members

Are you building a community your members want to be a part of? Provide value through compelling content, sharing of best practices, and up-to-the-minute regulatory information to make your members' jobs easier.

Simplify Regulatory Advocacy

You are your members' voice. Next Wave Connect allows you to quickly and easily synthesize information through surveys and collaboration so you can inform and influence the legislative and regulatory environments. 

Reporting and Analytics

Quantify engagement with data analytics to help you better serve your membership. Learn what topics are trending, what content is getting the most engagement, and how your membership is collaborating.

Generate New Revenue streams

The Next Wave Connect Solution Partner MarketPlace allows you to have a more meaningful relationship with your vendors, provide more value to your members, and generate new revenue streams. It's a win-win-win.

The MarketPlace

The Next Wave Connect Solution Partner MarketPlace is an interactive and collaborative directory of your vendors in your ecosystem. Your members can search by keywords and category to find trusted vendors and collaborate with them directly... All within your ecosystem. Additional revenue streams help you provide even more value to your members without increasing membership fees. 

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For Your Members

  • Problem resolutions and sharing best practices among members
  • Provide up to the minute information on government regulations and changes
  • Extend community environment and interactive engagement
  • Access focused and relevant industry topics, events, and activities
  • Cross-collaborate with industry experts, peers, and colleagues in other associations and groups
  • Extend their own thought leadership on an industry-wide healthcare focused platform

For the Organization

  • Stay relevant in your members day to day lives
  • Realize new revenue streams through the Solution Partner program
  • See engagement and value through data insights and reporting
  • Quickly and easily synthesize information from your membership to assist in regulatory advocacy
  • Create stickiness with members beyond the physical meetings
  • Grow your member base
  • Cross pollinate with like minded, complimentary associations and groups
  • Maintain private community while plugging into a broader but focused community
  • Promote calendared events through specialized communities
  • Extend your marketing content production immediately

See how one association views their experience in Next Wave Connect. Interested in learning more about Advisory Council Experts? Maybe you qualify to be one of these exclusive thought leaders. Find an audience for your mind and voice. Either way, click the big red square. It takes strategic, consistent execution to make a community work well. You know that better than anyone. And we get it too. That's WHY we created the ecosystem with special DNA...Community Managers and Producers. Click one of the tiles below.

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