10 Influential HIT Heroes

In recent years, annual events like #HIT99 and #HIT100 have highlighted many of these bright and passionate healthcare professionals bringing them to the spotlight in social media. However, in general terms the HIT profession isn't celebrated nearly as often as many other healthcare careers.

When Health IT (HIT)  professionals do their jobs well, many people don't know they exist. Because of this, HIT has a growing number of rockstars who just don't get the attention they deserve. On this 10th anniversary of National Health IT week, we want to honor some of those influential HIT Heroes.

10 Influential HIT Heroes
10 Influential HIT Heroes: John Lynn

John Lynn

John is a thought leader and prolific bloggers in the HIT world. His popular blog network, HealthcareScene.com is a trusted source of news and insider information for healthcare leaders. Connect with John.


10 Influential HIT Heroes: Shahid Shah

Shahid Shah

Shahid is an influential blogger and sought-after consultant in the world of HIT. He is frequently called upon to speak and moderate Health IT conferences. Connect with Shahid.


10 Influential HIT Heroes: Mandi Bishop

Mandi Bishop

Mandi is an HIT Hero because she is a passionate #HealthData geek. She is friendly, helpful, and smart. You will frequently find her participating in HIT tweetchats. Connect with Mandi.


10 Influential HIT Heroes: Colin Hung

Colin Hung

Colin is a proven thought in Health IT marketing and co-founder of #hcldr. He is a frequent collaborator online and at live events like HIMSS.

10 Influential HIT Heroes: Linda Stotsky

Linda Stotsky

Whenever you find a list of HIT influencers, Linda's probably on it. She was recently listed as one of the Top 100 influencers in Health IT. Linda was a #HIMSS15 social media ambassador.

10 Influential HIT Heroes: Michael Planchart

Michael Planchart

I think it would be impossible to honor HIT heroes without honor the person who started #HIT100.  Michael is passionate about interoperability and mobility of healthcare data.

10 Influential HIT Heroes: Jennifer Dennard

Jennifer Dennard

Jennifer is a strong advocate for women in the HIT workforce and is the founder of  #HITchicks.& #healthITchicks, She is part of the HIStalk team, and trusted resource in the HIT community.

10 Influential HIT Heroes: Brad Justus

Brad Justus

Brad is a trusted source for ICD-10 news and information. He has been a HIMSS social media ambassador in 2014 and 2015. Connect with Brad.

10 Influential HIT Heroes: David E. Williams

David E. Williams

David is a strong leader in healthcare business and IT. He frequently blogs at healthbusinessblog.com and was a social media ambassador for HIMSS15.

10 Influential HIT Heroes: Wen Dombrowski

Wen Dombrowski MD

Rounding out the list of HIT heroes is Dr. Dombrowski. She is a frequent advisor, speaker and thought leader in Health IT. She was also a HIMSS15 social media ambassador. Connect with Dr. Dombrowski.


More HIT Heroes

This is just a small snapshot of the many influential and passionate HIT Heroes that work to improve the healthcare through technology every day. We'd like to thank every health IT professional who helps keep data flowing and patient care productive.

Who do you think should be recognized as Health IT Hero?

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