3 Reasons You Should Attend the Health IT Leadership Summit

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Atlanta, Georgia has quickly climbed the health IT mountain and arrived at the proverbial summit. Since the South shines in the world of technology, it’s no surprise that leaders in the economic, academic, and political sector decided to come together to unit leadership on an issue that everyone is quickly starting to care about: healthcare. The result is the in the annual Health IT Leadership Summit.

This event is unique because it brings together the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, various schools and academic institutions, well-established healthcare giants, and health IT startups in their earliest phases. As the event and attendance have evolved, the Health IT Leadership Summit continues to expand its horizons and list of attendees to a national level.

Reasons to Attend the Health IT Leadership Summit

Thinking Outside of the Box

Healthcare, as a whole, is stuck in an old way of thinking. Unlike any other business model, healthcare organizations tend to focus on physicians first, and patients and consumers second. This has to change. The Health IT Leadership Summit will prevent clear examples of ways that healthcare IT leaders can adapt new consumer-focused models to think outside of the traditional healthcare box.

Planting a Seed with Today’s Youth

Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s college student. The unique partnership present between The Georgia Department of Economic Development, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and the Technology Association of Georgia allows technical curriculum to be updated based upon the needs of the health IT industry. Students, educators, and others involved in academia are present and accounted for at the summit.

Seeing Innovative in Action

The Startup Pavilion as well as the Intel Innovation, Phoenix, and Health IT Student Innovation Awards foster innovation and problem solving. The focus for 2015 is interoperability. One of the biggest problems facing healthcare in and area desperately needing the focus of innovative thinkers. The solution may very well manifest at this melding of the minds.


Bonus Reasons to Attend:

Here are some additional reasons to attend, brought to you directly from the conference brochure:

  • Gain valuable industry knowledge and learn strategies to innovate

    • Learn about new ideas and proven strategies to take back to your organization.

  • Tap into resources to boost your organization’s growth

  • Meet other successful Health IT peers

    • Meet and network with hundreds of like-minded professionals.


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