3 Ways Meaningful Social Collaboration Helps in My Work


There is little doubt that social collaboration is a powerful tool to transform healthcare.  LinkedIn and Next Wave Connect are two social network groups that enable me to collaborate on the very latest topics in healthcare technology.  In addition, social networking tools allow me to assist in thetransformation of healthcare rapidly and with more accuracy. But social engagement is transforming healthcare in some not so obvious ways too.

1. Better Information, More Meaningful Collaboration

I receive faster, better answers and more pertinent case studies to share with health systems so they can make quicker and better informed decisions which provides a faster transformation from Volume to Value. For example, patient portal challenges from Scripps Health and portal development from Seattle Children’s.

2. Social Collaboration Keeps You on Top of Hot Topics

Personally, the Population Health Management (PHM) space has constant vendor change through acquisitions and new entries into the field, which one cannot keep up with without utilizing social collaboration tools.  I trust my peers provided information about changes in the PHM vendor landscape by way of LinkedIn. I am able to promote articles I’ve found of interest concerning “hot topic“ healthcare areas such as Population Health, including patient engagement tools, clinical integration tips as well as other trending technologies.

3. Finding Real-life Examples of Transformation

Next Wave Connect allows my peers to share industry stories about PHM tools that provide me the capability to support a vendor or type of process which I use in my consulting work or to provide real life examples of how a vendor or process did or did not perform up to expectations. When a subject of interest comes up, I can search Next Wave Connect for that topic and find relevant information which allows me to become conversant on it with a minimum amount of time and effort and time is at a premium for me. Around a recent trending topic – CRMs, I am learning how it relates to PHM through anecdotal information via Next Wave Connect such as how a health system or vendor might use CRM. These end user stories and vendor implementations of CRM reduce the learning curve and aid in rapid implementation. My Next Wave Connect sign-on directs information flow to me only for the PHM and Patient Engagement communities areas of interest which helps me reduce the noise from non-relevant topics, providing a more effective use of my time.


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