5 HIMSS Conference Social Collaboration Tips

5 HIMSS Conference Social Collaboration Tips

HIMSS Social Collaboration Tips

If you frequent any form of social media, then you've likely already started seeing the #HIMSS hashtag start popping up. Even though the HIMSS conference is over a month away, the social aspect of the experience is already in full force. In order to get the the most out of the HIMSS experience, whether you are on the exhibit floor or following the conference via the social space, you'll want to make sure your social collaboration game is up to speed. So here are 5 HIMSS Conference social collaboration tips:


Know and Use Hashtags

The HIMSS conference hashtag is fairly consistent. It’s always #HIMSS##, which means that for 2015 the official hashtag is #HIMSS15. If you want to make sure that your discussions are tied to the overall HIMSS discussion, you have to include the hashtag in your social shares. This ties the conversation together and paints a clearer picture of the conference experience. It also helps identify thought leaders.

You should also be on the look out for additional hashtags that might be used in conjunction with the #HIMSS15 hashtag. Theses might be tied to certain companies, speakers, and industry trends. Some examples include:

  • #HIT
  • #HITsm
  • #HITmc

Find more hashtags on The Official #HIMSS15 Hashtag Guide.


Sometimes Brevity is Your Friend

Platforms like twitter force users to focus thoughts into 140 characters or less. While this may be a point of frustration for some, there is something to be said about brevity. Short exchanges on social platforms can get your point made more quickly which decreases the potential for someone to skip over a too-long response. Although there are definitely times where more extensive discussions should be had, don't discount the power of a single sentence.


Focus on Networking

Whether you are at the event in person or staying connected on your mobile device, one of the best things about HIMSS is the opportunity to network. If you meet someone at HIMSS that you want to stay connected with take a few moments to connect with them on Linkedin and Next Wave Connect. If you see someone sharing interesting information about HIMSS on your social streams, take a few moments to reply to them and start a conversation. You can then proceed to make the connection with them.

The thought leaders that are sharing information about HIMSS are likely those that are ready and willing to collaborate on healthcare’s pressing issues. If you've got a problem you need to solve those connections can be invaluable. That’s why Next Wave Connect was formed. Healthcare needs a central meeting space to share and ultimately solve problems.


Prepare Ahead of Time

Attempting to digest all HIMSS content in real time  is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. There is so much information from so many different angles and so many different people and companies that it can be hard to find focus. If you are after certain information or want to hear from certain people it’s a good idea to make a list ahead of time. On Next Wave Connect you can connect with thought leaders directly or follow the March to HIMSS community to get a sneak peak into what you can expect to see at the conference.


Be Aware of the Influencers

The HIMSS excitement starts early and some top social influencers have already made their mark with the #HIMSS15 hashtag. Get connected with experts like John LynnBrian AhierMandi BishopCharles Webster, MDBrad Justus,  and Tom Sullivan.


Stay Connected

If you want to make sure the relationships that HIMSS has helped you forge will stay intact, you have to work at it. You wouldn't expect to call a boss from 20 years ago for a job reference, and you shouldn't expect help from someone that you haven't made an effort to make and keep a connection with. This could be as simple as replying to a tweet, liking a LinkedIn update, or replying to a discussion on Next Wave Connect.

If you want to get prepped for HIMSS15, then join the March to HIMSS community to get a backstage pass of the biggest show of the year.