August Top Influencers in Healthcare Collaboration

The folks bringing disruptive change to the industry

Next Wave Connect's Top 10 Influencers in Healthcare Collaboration

The disruptive change needed to evolve healthcare will not be achieved by individuals. Instead, collaborations between thought leaders, clinicians, and patients will identify the solutions needed to overcome the biggest challenges we face in the industry. Already strong voices, in the midst of change and uncertainty, are influencing how we see the future of care delivery and drawing the road map to get there.


Meet the Top Influencers

Here are the voices leading the top conversations is healthcare collaboration today:

Greg Mercer
Founder of Big Red Carpet Nursing

From data security to mental health to nursing, Greg share his knowledge and creativity in order to empower others. If you are a nurse (or anyone passionate about patient engagement) check out his tips for staying inspired and staying effective.


Elizabeth Scala
CNO at Nursing from Within

Wellness and healthy workspaces are of top priority for Elizabeth, and she provides actionable tips for our community. Not only is she a thoughtful contributor, Elizabeth also leads by example and is a great role model for women leading in healthcare.


Donna Maheady
Founder of Exceptional Nurse

Donna is passionate about supporting nurses with disAbilities and storytelling. The case studies she shares help educate and inspire nurses from all walks of life. As a leader in the Nurses with Disabilities community on Next Wave Connect, she promotes inclusion of people with disabilities in the nursing profession.


Beth Boynton
Nurse Consultant & Author at Confident Voices in Healthcare

As a leader and team builder, Beth speaks on organizational change, developing professional relationships, and celebrating risk-taking. She puts a fun and creative spin on tried and true methodologies. In addition, Beth helps nurses find their voice as safety advocates.


Anne Llewellyn
Nurse Advocate

Anne applies her experience as a national healthcare practitioner to help others understand and grow their role as agents of change. She encourages both patients and nurses to find their voice and be advocates for patient-centered care.


Duke Rohe
Performance Improvement Specialist at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Duke’s mission? Make positive change happen in an accelerated, smoother fashion and share his experiences with others. He provides practical tips for managing change, reducing worry, and making an impact on the patient experience.


Dr. Ajaiwant Cheema
Director at Cheema Medical Complex

Ajaiwant and his team have designed a hospital that enables caregivers to focus on patient-centered care. His experience and expertise provide a global perspective on care delivery in Next Wave Connect.


Dr. Jean Ann Larson
CEO and Senior Partner at Jean Ann Larson & Associates

As a thought leader in change management, Jean Ann helps leaders and organizations develop strategies, execute process redesign, and envision change as opportunity. Most recently, Jean Ann has shared how effective change management can make implementing new technologies easier.


Susan Schade
CIO at University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

With more than 30 years in health IT, Susan provides insight into the growth and future direction of the industry. She is passionate about getting the most out of new technologies, applying lean processes, and connecting with other thought leaders.


Peter Snell
CEO at Illumeture

Not only is Peter a strategic thinker, he is also well versed in mHealth and Telemedicine. He investigates how both patients and clinicians use healthcare technologies to learn how that usage can share care delivery and security.


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Next Wave Connect's Top 10 Influencers in Healthare Collaboration