EHRs: Healthcare’s Love and Hate Relationship

EHR: Healthcare's Love and Hate Relationship

EHRs are polarizing. If you work in or around a hospital, or other healthcare setting, you either love or hate EHRs. It’s quite interesting considering that it’s hard to find a hospital that doesn’t have an EMRs these days. Thanks to Meaningful Use, providers everywhere have been forced to get on board the electronic records train or get off at the no Medicare patient’s stop. In fact if a provider isn’t using an EHR by 2015 they will receive penalties on Medicare payments. 


Two Questions About EHRs

We started some discussions in the Clinical Integration community to see if we could shed some light on they key reasons that EHRs are so polarizing. We asked the following questions:

  • Why do nurses hate EHRs?
  • What do nurses love about EHRs?
EHRs: Love and Hate Relationship

We based these discussions on a survey that revealed 92% of nurses hate EHR.

The discussions so far have been interesting. One of the major reasons nurses and other healthcare professionals state they hate EHRs is because they are not consistent with their workflow. They feel as if the software they use is outdated and have user interfaces that are 10 years behind the rest of technology. Nurses and other healthcare professionals have been using smartphones for years now, and find that EHRs simply aren’t as intuitive as they should be.  Of course, there were many other factors listed including the feeling that nurses and the clinical side of things were left out when the software was designed, and instead the business and financial side of things seemed to get more attention.

But they don’t hate everything about EHRs. The ability to read legible patient notes was cited as a huge plus for EHRs. Others stated that medication reconciliation, communications portals, and process automation were also things they appreciated about EHRs. However, several did note that “Love” was a strong word.

Where Do You Stand?

So what side of the fence do you sit on? Do you have both feet planted firmly on either side of the Love / Hate EHR fence?

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