How to Get the Most out of Meeting with Vendors at HIMSS


Meeting with vendors at HIMSS is one of the primary draws  of the conference for many healthcare professionals. It is one of the best opportunities to get your hands on the latest and greatest healthcare technologies and meet directly with the companies that make them. HIMSS can be a great leaping off point to discover potential solutions to implement in your organization which can help you get a jump start on planning for next year's IT budget. It's also an excellent opportunity to meet face to face with developers of the products that you already own and use. So it's a great time to ask those vendors the the hard hitting questions.

Meeting with Vendors at HIMSS

Discover cutting-edge technologies and services from more than 1,200 leading health IT vendors through the HIMSS Exhibitor Show Floor. While you might not think that booth space is conducive to substantive discussions with suppliers or potential vendors, don’t let that deter your group from making the most of their presence at the conference. These exhibitors have worked around the clock for the last few months to deliver a key message to you- give them their due! Don’t let anyone associated with your organization be that HIT pro who goes to the expo just for the swag. There aren’t enough squeezy globes, hand sanitizer bottles, cheap pens or chocolate to give you a positive ROI.

Get Hands on With Your IT Budget Potentials

Use HIMSS to get really smart about where your business spends its IT dollars. Identify two or three categories of current spend or new technologies you are wanting to implement and then check the exhibitor  directory to identify which vendors in those categories are exhibiting and between your team, go visit all of them. Find out what they believe their differentiators are. Discuss their new offerings (many vendors unveil new product versions, upgrades and other innovations at HIMSS) and ask questions about implementation, user experience and prices. To explore all that HIMSS's exhibitors have to offer and get a lay of the land with an Exhibit Show Floor map, click here.

Make a List and Check it Twice

The exhibit floor at HIMSS is massive and can be overwhelming without a plan. Before arriving at HIMSS meet with your team to determine which vendors booths you plan to visit at the conference. Ensure you are approaching vendors with a divide and conquer tactic.  Come away with a list of vendors in these categories:

  • Must Visit
  • Nice to Visit
  • If There's Time

If you want to be super efficient you can spend some time mapping out the most efficient route through the exhibit show floor using the HIMSS provided map.

Of course you will want to visit the "Must Visits" first. If you happen to have some extra time in your schedule you should visit the "Nice to Visit" booths. If you've exhausted all the options in the other categories on your list and you still have a day left at the conference, spend some time visiting the "If there is time" booths. You might be surprised and find a gem in these booths.

You should make sure that you leave some time in your schedule to get together with your team at vendor booths that have really made an impression so you can make sure you are all on the same page.

Socially Collaborate with Vendors

Next Wave Connect is also proud to feature some of our Vendor partners who will be showcasing at HIMSS through our March to HIMSS Community. Get the inside scoop into their booth location, featured products, booth entertainers, potential prizes, and so much more.

Start collaborating now in the March to HIMSS community.

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