Introducing the Healthy Workplaces Community


About Healthy Workplaces

The Healthy Workplaces Community focuses on ideas, research, and expertise associated with creating safe and positive work environments in healthcare settings and the links they have to providing safe, quality care. Creating a place for interdisciplinary discussion will be helpful in understanding problems, co-creating solutions, and promoting best practices.

About Beth Boynton


Beth Boynton, RN, MS is an organizational development consultant specializing in communication, collaboration, and medical improv.  Her second book, “Successful Nurse Communication:  Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces & Rewarding Careers” is due out in the Spring 2015 and her blog, “Confident Voices in Healthcare” draws an audience from around the world.

A Deeper Dive into Healthy Workplaces

The “Healthy Workplaces” community at Next Wave Connect is hosted by Organizational Development Consultant, Beth Boynton, RN, MS.

The mission of the community is to engage various experts and professional staff in dialogues that will increase knowledge about and importance of workforce concerns and best practices for making healthcare workplaces safe and positive for staff and consumers.

There are many workplace-related concerns that can be found in mainstream news and professional journals not to mention at the water cooler and in the doctors’ and nurses’ lounges.

  • Healthcare workers have a higher risk of work-related injuries than comparable industries such as ‘construction’.
  • Healthcare workers have a greater chance of being assaulted than cabdrivers in urban areas.
  • Behaviors that undermine a culture of safety among and between physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and support staff are pandemic.
  • Healthcare-associated Infections are persistent symptoms of technical issues regarding environment of care (EOC) issues such as; ventilation, personal protective equipment and human factors issues involving communication, collaboration, culture and compliance.
  • Burnout, suicide, drug diversion, and substance abuse is a troubling problem among professionals
  • Medical errors and patient safety concerns plague our systems and have relevance to elements of science of safety (e.g. workplace design, engineering safety, compliance with regulations involving the EOC) and art of safety (e.g. communication, collaboration, leadership, and some aspects of human factors).

Occupational health and wellness, industrial hygiene, organizational culture, safety engineering, workplace violence, ergonomics, Americans with disabilities, and even feng shui are just a few of the topics that have relevance to the wellbeing of the healthcare workforce and subsequently the care we provide. Conversations among stakeholders are essential for solving these pervasive problems and forging pathways towards healthy workplaces in healthcare!


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