Meet Advisory Council Expert, John Gomez

John Gomez, Next Wave Connect ACE

John Gomez is one of our Advisory Council Experts that refers to himself as a professional hacker. He has had a passion for information technology since he was a young child. He has had the opportunity to work in several technology companies across his career including Microsoft. He was the CTO for both WebMD and Allscripts. Today he is a successful Entrepreneur managing three companies

  1. Group Espada: a counter-terrorism firm specializing in special operations training

  2. JGo Labs a product design and management consulting firm focused on healthcare and the department of defense

  3. [sensato] which focuses on helping healthcare organizations with their cyber security and privacy initiatives.

John shares his career journey, why he has a passion for information security and how important it is to our industry. Take a sneak peek at his interview today:  

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All industries are getting hit hard by security breaches including our very own Healthcare industry. The entire industry must learn to protect not just hackers but attackers. John shares the evolution of the “attacker.  Also learn more about John’s upcoming 3 day workshop: Designing Secure Healthcare Systems scheduled for October 27-29.