Meet Advisory Council Expert, Yiscah Bracha


Yiscah has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare analytics and data management, in both operational and research environments.  Her focus is on transforming electronic data into actionable information to improve health outcomes and care, at reduced costs.  Her scope includes the analytic processes of refining questions, operationalizing concepts, choosing and/or developing analytic methods appropriate for the questions, automating routine processes when appropriate and allocating human effort when it is required.  She has served in leadership roles, guiding other analysts and researchers, and establishing relationships with information technology and data management professionals, to ensure highly productive client relationships.

We recently interviewed Yiscah to learn more about her background and experience, read on to learn more about her experience in healthcare analytics.

Yiscah, what is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in your field?  

First, I would define my field as the profession of transforming raw data into meaningful, actionable information.  And my advice is paradoxical:  Master the required technology, but do not assume that technical mastery is all that you need to be useful.  Although the customers may think that they just need someone with requisite technical mastery, the real value we bring is the ability to translate their concepts and questions into something that can be addressed with available data, and with a systematic and defensible methodology that will generate reliable results.  There are many people who can hammer away on easily learned and inexpensive software; there are far fewer who can use that software as a fine tool to produce meaningful results.  Cultivate your cognitive skills, which deepen and grow with experience and maturity, and feel confident working with younger people who may surpass you technically, but who have not yet had the life or professional experience to leverage the technology to answer questions.  The questions are more important than the technology.

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