Social Collaboration: Advancing healthcare in a complex environment

Social Collaboration: Advancing healthcare in a complex environment

Every aspect of our lives has embraced technology and enhanced communication. From entertainment to business to our personal daily tasks, technology is the fiber of how we navigate life. This fiber has accelerated the rate of communication and information sharing including our social interactions and knowledge acquisition. Thus, building the ground swell for social collaboration.


Health IT is poised to benefit from social collaboration

For the past several decades healthcare has been considered a laggard in the areas of patient service, information analytics, financial improvements, and systems interoperability. Healthcare, and in particular Health IT, has now hit the mainstream radar. A perfect storm has set the stage for a greater focus around healthcare improvements. With changes coming out of Washington, the financial pressures around healthcare expense, a greater focus on wellness, consumerism, and proven technology advancement, we now see a rise of complexity and speed in how healthcare is advancing.

Social collaboration delivers the right information to the right people

With this complexity and the fast pace of change in play, social collaboration is critical to ensure effectiveness across provider, payer, and even the patient populations. By definition social collaboration is more than a cloud based platform when it comes to vertical markets like healthcare. It requires an accessible technology platform, social media experts to enrich member engagement, and processes to facilitate healthcare specific content management. The true benefit is the focused acceleration of the right information to the right people at the right time. Time to value is the critical element of social collaboration benefit. It all starts with the delivery side of the equation which is the knowledge workers in the provider organizations. These organizations are on the front lines and would most benefit from a networked collaborative environment in the rapidly transforming world of healthcare.

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