Social Collaboration: Empowering patients with digital information

As the planet experiences an energetic shift, the healthcare playing field becomes leveled. Gone are the days of patriarchal medicine where the patient looks up to a provider for answers. In today’s world of digital information and advanced technology, patients not only ‘know’ about their healthcare—they become a central part. With social media, group forums, and online networking, patients, families, and providers can inform each other. Information is no longer shared in a linear fashion as social collaboration introduces transparency and the transfer and dissemination of knowledge.

Digital Information increases health ownership

As a holistic nurse entrepreneur, I view this shift to be mutually beneficial. The patient and family become accountable for his or her health and this ownership is empowering. The provider can engage the client in wellness practices that invite whole-person healing. Our thoughts, the most valuable asset we have, are transformed when we are able to access information including digital information. We can then uplift our health and that of the entire healthcare arena as we learn, heal, and change. Here’s an example: A patient or client may present with a disease. Let’s consider the possibility that we aren’t ‘expert’ in that area, and we need more information. Through the power of social collaboration, we can ultimately find powerful digital information—even from across the globe. Healthcare no longer becomes a process of events where we must go to one person for the answers. We can find the information from a variety of sources. In growing our referral networks, interacting on social media, and learning from those online, we can expand our knowledge well beyond what we ever imagined.


Social collaboration is a gift of change

Social collaboration is here to stay, and to me, that is a very good thing. Albert Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Opening ourselves up to the age of social collaboration is like inviting a gift of change. We can benefit from the expansion that the power of community has to offer.

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