Social Collaboration: Helping us adapt to changes in healthcare

Social Collaboration Helping us adapt to changes in healthcare

Healthcare is complex and constantly shifting. As technology and regulatory changes occur daily, it is imperative that the healthcare industry adapt and develop new and innovative ways to meet these challenges head on. Many times each day, dispersed and diverse teams, providers, and employees are in need of timely information to help each other and patients through simple or catastrophic health events. They are all fighting the same fight. So, the bigger question is how can we bring these providers together to collaboratively solve these issues, instead of working in silos?  Enter social collaboration.

Healthcare providers have always collaborated; some would even say it is part of their DNA.


How do we support social collaboration?

Next Wave ConnectCommunity Managers

Our dedicated Community Managers ensure the discussion keeps flowing and pertinent questions are answered in short order. We understand that management of information in the system is vital to the success of a collaboration process. Healthcare is so regulated and key decisions/strategies need to be implemented quickly. So, key decision makers need a resource they can rely on for relevant and accurate information.

How do we learn through social collaboration?

Even further, our members have access to industry experts online through our Advisory Council Experts—ACEs. Not only are these ACEs collaborating amongst their peers, but they also serve as a solution source. Each expert is available to help answer your questions and provide top-notch insight on today’s complicated healthcare challenges.

The future of U.S. healthcare is certain; it needs to shift to an ever more collaborative and silo-free environment. All too soon, social collaboration will play a far more integral role in the daily lives of healthcare providers. At Next Wave Connect, we expect social collaboration to be dramatically on the rise over the next five years because it is critical to the workings on the healthcare environment. We look forward to leading the healthcare revolution and setting a new standard in social collaboration.  

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