Social Collaboration is Eliminating the US vs THEM Mindset

Beth Boynton: Social Collaboration is Eliminating the US vs THEM Mindset

As a nurse author and organizational development consultant specializing in communication and collaboration, I see social collaboration transforming healthcare by promoting relationships and tearing down old walls that have kept us fragmented, existing in silos, and working from US versus THEM mindsets.  For instance, seasoned nurses and new grads, academic nurse leaders and nurse entrepreneurs, doctors and nurses, and consumers and healthcare professionals are all communicating across a variety of social media platforms.


Blogs create a shared experience

I can share two examples from my own work that illustrates this point.  First, I publish a blog called “Confident Voices in Healthcare” and I am able to reach a growing audience that includes healthcare professionals, paraprofessionals, and consumers.  But more importantly through discussion threads and responses on social media, I am able to invite other professionals to share their expertise and many do. Guest Bloggers have included health risk management, organizational development, and root cause analysis consultants, nurses, doctors, and healthcare executives all writing to make healthcare safer, kinder, and more cost-effective.  


Amplify diverse skills for education

Second, I am currently working with a small group of nurses who are the ‘connective amplifiers’ for a virtual continuing educational program created by Elizabeth Scala, RN, MSN/MBA that includes 12 nurse leaders, 4 nurse co-hosts, and 8 social media experts (connective amplifiers).  There is much diversity among us in terms of age, nursing specialty, location, ethnicity, and even experience with social media.  Yet, we are all nurses, working together, to bring inspiring, engaging, and affordable continuing education to nurses. Both of these involve unprecedented collaboration and positive change agency that would not have been possible without social media options!

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