The Value of the Texas Association for Healthcare Quality

Recently we had the opportunity to catch up with Texas Association for Healthcare Quality (TAHQ)  board members to explore the member benefits  of their association. In The Road to TAHQ Annual Conference 2015 community, leaders in Texas healthcare quality have already been gearing up for this year’s conference.

We caught up with 3 TAHQ healthcare leaders to learn more about the value of TAHQ and  the upcoming conference.

  • Carson Easley, MS, RN, President of the Board of Directors for TAHQ, is the is the Director of Nursing for the Mental and Mental Retardation Authority (MHMRA) of Harris County in Houston Texas.

  • Carol Whalen, BAT, RN, CPHQ, TAHQ Board Member and Chair of the Mentorship Committee, is a Sr. Performance Partner- Clinical Advisor at Premier, Inc.

  • Susan Kay Shipp, MHA, CPHQ, a board member of TAHQ on the education committee, is the Director of Health Care Improvement/Service Excellence and Medical Staff Services at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center Irving.


Digging Into the Value of TAHQ

TAHQ’s Mission Statement

TAHQ’s mission statement is “TAHQ promotes excellence and professionalism in healthcare through advancement of theory, policy and practice of quality.”  In your opinion, what do believe is the biggest change or advancement in healthcare that TAHQ has had an impacted on during your membership tenure at TAHQ?
  • Carson Easley - TAHQ is continuing to pursue its vision of being recognized as a leading educational resource for quality professionals. The annual conference provides information on the latest innovations in healthcare with statewide and nationally known speakers and the monthly webinars address an array of topics of interest to the quality professional in healthcare. The Association offers CPHQ review courses, opportunities for continuing education, mentorship and as of last year achieved recognition by the Texas Nurses Association as an approved provider for nursing continuing education activities.  If anyone has attempted to get this designation they know it is no easy task.
  • Carol Whalen- This is my first year to be mentorship chair.  And I believe the biggest achievement has been building upon a good foundation and previous work by Carol Clark. The process was built, and I have been able to connect 4 mentee’s with 4 mentors over the past year.

  • Susan Kay Shipp - TAHQ has tried to bring current information and shared knowledge to all members by being involved in the changing environment of health care and researching topics that are becoming part of what we all do. There is so much change coming toward all of us at one time it is difficult to keep up on your own.  TAHQ offers that education monthly as well as out our annual conference.  

Advancements in Healthcare Quality

What advancement or changes do you see in the area of Healthcare Quality over the next 3 years...

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