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You represent the cornerstone of the ecosystem. You are part of an organization on the front lines of providing patient care. And patient care is at the center of WHY we are all here. There's plenty of collaboration technology out there today. But there's only one community ecosystem that empowers you with the right communities both inside and outside your walls. So we invite you to consider the long list of reasons WHY Next Wave Connect is the place for you to be. 

NWC EcoSystem

What to Expect

  • Maintain private community while plugging into a broader, but focused community ecosystem specifically created for healthcare
  • Solve business problems and work specific priorities and projects within your private community and/or with like-minded colleagues
  • Control engagement with the right solutions partners in your timeframe
  • Eliminate REPLY ALL email "collaboration"
  • Continue the conversation beyond the physical meetings and conference calls
  • Shape the industry conversation by extending your thought leadership content production immediately and make it part of the right conversations
  • Engage outside thought leaders
  • Share knowledge in a meaningful community

Like video explanations of how and why things work? Click below. Interested in what Advisory Council Experts are? Maybe you qualify to be one of these exclusive thought leaders. Find an audience for your mind and the big red square.

Connect with us and start collaborating meaningfully.

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