MyCHIME Leading Effective Engagement

Results @ a Glance

  • Increased member engagement with the Association and each other
  • Ability to proactively communicate with membership
  • Quick, meaningful collaboration, problem solving, and sharing best practices

As a result of collaboration via myCHIME, issues can be successfully addressed in a matter of weeks, not months; days, not weeks; and minutes, not days.
— Russ Branzell, CEO

CHIME is dedicated to get out in front of healthcare reform and policy changes in order to effectively equip their membership to make more informed decisions. In this ever-changing healthcare environment, CHIME needed a way to proactively communicate with their membership.

 Enter...Next Wave Connect.

In October 2014, Next Wave Connect and CHIME launched myCHIME. CHIME describes myCHIME as “the social network for CHIME CIOs” but it’s so much more than that.

What makes Next Wave Connect unique, especially in the case of myCHIME, is the ability to facilitate quick but meaningful collaboration between users. To do that, technology alone is not enough: you need to be at the intersection of platform and people. That’s what makes the difference for CHIME and their members

The Next Wave Connect technology allows CHIME members to quickly and easily consume and share information amongst themselves and the broader Next Wave ecosystem.

 The Next Wave Connect Community Managers help facilitate engagement by connecting CIOs around topics of interest where they can provide expert commentary or collaborate with peers. They also extend the associations brand awareness by creating unique content pieces featuring CHIME members (i.e. Google Hangouts and Tweet Chats). 

According to Russ Branzell, President and CEO of CHIME, myCHIME makes executives’ work a “little less hectic.”  Because of myCHIME’s ability to carry CHIME briefings with immediacy and speed, CHIME uses the platform to elevate members’ awareness of important industry developments even ahead of national or healthcare media.

“As a result of collaboration via myCHIME, issues can be successfully addressed in a matter of weeks, not months; days, not weeks; and minutes, not days.”

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