Webinar: Using A CRM For Personalized and Engaged Patient Care

Webinar Postponed: Using A CRM For Personalized and Engaged Patient Care

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Hosted by: Next Wave Connect

Guest: Eric Demers

Healthcare facilities typically keep track of patient-centric information in EMR or EHR systems. This is an appropriate place for medical information about the patient, but how do healthcare organizations keep track of other information about patients? How do they access healthcare information from other organizations? What tools are used to provide more personalized care and improve population health management measures?

With the rapid changes taking place in the healthcare environment, it is more important than ever to focus on the patient as a whole rather than treat individual ailments and injuries. EMR and EHR systems don’t always do a great job of providing a comprehensive picture of a patient’s health nor do they address the need for the patient to own the healthcare relationship.

Join NWC as we host Accreon’s President and CEO, Eric Demers and Salesforce for a comprehensive webinar on how hospitals and health systems can use customer relationship management (CRM) tools to provide more personalized, connected, and engaged patient care.