Frequently Asked Questions for Solution Partners


1. How are you different from LinkedIn or Facebook Healthcare groups?

Next Wave Connect is a community ecosystem purpose-built for healthcare. This focused purpose enables the right people to connect and collaborate without the noise common in diluted global social platforms. See who's already on Next Wave Connect- See Who's Here

Thought leaders are active facilitators and problem-solvers throughout the ecosystem. Thought leaders in Next Wave are called ACEs (Advisory Council Experts). An ACE is not self-declared. They must qualify according to the ACE standard, and if selected, commit to actively participate in the communities.

Community Managers and Producers are dedicated resources with the sole purpose of facilitating meaningful collaboration. They help connect the right people with the right content and conversations. And they help produce, distribute, and amplify relevant content that the members and communities prioritize. Because it's an ecosystem, communication between communities is enabled, unlike these global platforms.

LinkedIn primarily enables multipurpose networking and is primarily a recruiting platform. Next Wave Connect is focused on healthcare and collaboration. You can even influence our product roadmap if there are additional features you'd like to see.

The Facebook focus continues to be consumers and small business.


2. How many people are in the community ecosystem?

While more is better, it's only better when it is also "right". The "right" people are healthcare leaders and thought leaders from healthcare providers, healthcare associations, and healthcare solution companies. Currently there are nearly 10,000 healthcare professionals and thought leaders participating in the ecosystem (53% of which are classified as decision-makers). It is growing by 13% every month. There are 80 Advisory Council Experts (industry thought leaders), nearly 1,300 healthcare provider facilities, 4 associations, and 14 solution companies.

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3. How is Next Wave Connect different than Jive? Or Jabber? Or our Sharepoint Site?

Next Wave Connect enables seamless collaboration both inside and outside your organization. You and your entire organization will have access to the larger ecosystem of healthcare professionals, including the ACEs. Somewhere out there someone has found a solution to the problem you're working on right now, let us help you find it!

Watch our video to learn more.

4. What is an ACE?

Advisory Council Experts (ACEs) are industry thought leaders committed to leading the transformation of healthcare through active service within the Next Wave Connect ecosystem. These subject matter experts provide insights and resources for solving challenges and facilitating innovation for better healthcare.

As a Solution Partner, you will be able to select some of your thought leaders to become ACEs. This means they'll be notified of conversations that fit within your service offerings giving them more chances to have meaningful interactions with prospective customers.

5. What is the expectation for ACE interaction?

To maintain active status, ACEs maintain pre-determined availability, accessibility, and engagement. 

Are you a healthcare thought leader? Find out more about ACEs and request to join the team here.


6. Is Next Wave Connect specific to Healthcare IT?

No. Meaningful collaboration in healthcare is not limited to one discipline or department. Multiple stakeholders participate in the community ecosystem.

We launched Next Wave Connect at the 2013 CHIME CIO fall forum and have been working with CIOs and HIT professionals because they have their fingers on the pulse of virtually every activity in a healthcare organization. But they all know and understand the importance of gathering stakeholders from various specialties. Building consensus is one of the best ways to solve problems.

So while our membership is predominantly HIT professionals, the membership growth is trending heavily across other executive stakeholder roles. We are diversifying across healthcare associations and providers in the areas of Finance, Clinical, Operations, and more.

See the list of event and topic driven communities.

7. How is Next Wave Connect better than conferences and meetings?

It isn't better. It's different. It's owned by the people within the community ecosystem. It's designed to supplement and extend the collaboration within conferences and meetings. Next Wave Connect does not compete with in-person collaboration and meetings. We understand that sometimes a face-to-face is just you need to understand your clients problems and provide ideal solutions. Next Wave Connect is simply a way to supplement these in-person meetings.

Now as for conferences, healthcare loves them...we get it.  We look forward to the day when all that time and money can be put towards research and innovations, but we understand that it's a necessary line-item in most marketers budgets. However, you can have more meaningful interactions resulting in more conversions for less money on Next Wave Connect.

Visit our Event Calendar to see what event-based communities are coming up.

8. Is there any special security built into it?

Next Wave Connect is committed to security, availability and the privacy of your data. Your data is safe and secure within our application. We protect your information and do not share it or sell it without your permission.

You should NOT share sensitive or personal health information in Next Wave Connect. Depending on member's needs, we may create that type of functionality in the future.

For more information on our security and infrastructure, visit


10. What if my topic of interest doesn't appear in a community?

The communities determine the areas of focus. If you don't see your area of focus, it may be time to become part of the ecosystem. If you represent a brand, we would be happy to work with you to explore the creation of a community too.

Connect with a Community Manager for help starting your own community.


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