Building Trust with Decision Makers

Results @ a Glance

  • Provide environment to build trust with decision makers
  • Expansion of brand awareness
  • Reach has improved dramatically to healthcare leaders

Community Managers help us make meaningful connections around topics that are important to our customers.
— Chuck Lyles, CEO

GuideIT, like many companies focused in healthcare, struggled with the limitations in more quickly developing relationships and building trust with healthcare leaders. They needed more of the right conversations with the right people.

Enter…Next Wave Connect.

 GuideIT’s customer base is heavily concentrated in healthcare and connecting with decision makers is paramount to growing our business. Next Wave Connect’s member base is 53% decision makers and 100% healthcare. 

As an extension of their brand, we help GuideIT amplify their efforts to reach their customer base in a meaningful way. Our ability to produce a unique experience along with unique content (i.e. Tweet Chat Events and Google Hangouts) is very effective because we already have the desired audience engaged in the community ecosystem.

Our Community Managers worked with GuideIT to create impactful content, which would have cost them more in time, resources and cash to produce themselves. “Community Managers help us make meaningful connections around topics that are important to our customers. They work as an extension of our team, producing and repurposing content and looping in our experts to community discussions”, Chuck Lyles, CEO said.

After six months, GuideIT's brand visibility has improved dramatically among healthcare leaders and decision makers. Additionally, one of their newly hired team members became interested in the company after viewing a video we produced for them on Google Hangouts. (We’re not recruiters, but look what great content can do!)

 We are very excited to have GuideIT as a Solutions Partner and we look forward to helping them reach their goals in the future.

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