March to HIMSS

Next Wave Connect Event Based Community: March to HIMSS

Next Wave Connect is designed to supplement and extend the collaboration within conferences and meetings. As a healthcare group, conferences are imperative for making members feel valued, giving them a place to showcase their thought leadership, meet face to face, and have a little fun. Next Wave Connect is here to enhance this industry imperative. Collaboration already extends beyond the face-to-face interaction. In Next Wave Connect, it has now become meaningful.


In 2015, Next Wave Connect created and launched the March to HIMSS community where attendees, speakers, and vendors could showcase their expertise in the weeks leading up to the biggest show of the year, and HIMSS veterans could share their knowledge through tips and tricks. This virtual collaboration space gave attendees a taste of what to expect and helped them plan their itinerary. It also gave anyone not able to attend a look into the topics and a place to collaborate for more information.


Results @ a Glance

  • 17,000 Engagements
  • Meaningful collaboration with attendees and non-attendees alike
  • Keep the conversation going beyond in-person events

Original Content Creation

Maximizing Your Company's HIMSS Experience Blog Series

Member and Speaker Showcase

Next Wave Connect interviewed many thought leaders to get the conversation going leading into HIMSS15.

Vendor Showcase

Vendors were able to give attendees and non-attendees information about their products, services, and what to expect from them at HIMSS15

Tips and Tricks

Next Wave Connect got with industry thought leaders and HIMSS veterans to compile a list of HIMSS tips and tricks. 

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