Brittney Wilson Awarded First Place in the 2014 AJN Book of the Year Awards

The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology provides nurses with technology clarification to assist in a clinical setting.

Next Wave Connect, provider of the first social collaboration platform created specifically for the healthcare industry, is proud to announce that Brittney Wilson, BSN RN and Community Manager for NWC, was awarded first place at the 2014 AJN Book of the Year Awards for The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to TechnologyThe American Journal of Nursing is the largest circulating source of nursing literature in the world. Their yearly list, containing the highest rated healthcare material, is sought after by major libraries and healthcare companies as a source for book purchasing.

Wilson placed first in the Information Technology/Social Media category with her book The Nerdy Nurses Guide to Technology. Wilson created this book as a guide for nurses to assist them through the current technology and social media systems most widely used and needed. It provides the tools necessary for nurses to be successful. It was designed to help readers complete their daily job duties that they are expected to know, but not always given training for. Wilson uses her Information Technology experience to thoroughly explain and expand upon Social Media, Mobile Devices, Electronic Documentation, and several other relevant topics.

Upon being recognized, Wilson stated:

Throughout my nursing career I have encountered many nurses who lack confidence in technology. It’s not surprising, considering that technology has evolved so rapidly in the past 20 years. Many nurses feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the changes because healthcare facilities seldom provide training or support on technology basics. It’s just assumed nurses should know these things.

I wrote The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology to help nurses feel more confident about using technology and social media in their personal and professional life. The book gives information on technology basics and provides specific ways that nurses can use technology to improve patient care and their career. Helping nurses to feel more empowered about using technology is one small way that I can give back to the nursing profession that has given me so much.

Brittney Wilson is a dedicated nurse with a knack for information and technology. Her years of experience as a Clinical Informatics Nurse have assisted in her role as “The Nerdy Nurse”. She is a technology advocate and has a passion for using technology to innovate, improve and simplify lives, especially in healthcare. Wilson uses her plethora of information and experience to assist other caregivers on Next Wave Connect. As the Community Manager of Clinical Integration she offers assistance and advice to inquiring minds on a range of topics and issues. Her dedication to her Next Wave Connect community has been beneficial to the organization and her followers. Wilson is more widely known as “The Nerdy Nurse”, a candid blogger of all things healthcare and lifestyle.


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