Next Wave Connect Enables Transformation of Healthcare with Exclusive ACE Thought Leader Program

Dallas, TX – July 28, 2015. Next Wave Connect, a virtual ecosystem of communities focused on current topics and challenges specific to the healthcare industry, enables meaningful collaboration among executives, care providers, associations, and solution companies to drive industry change and transformation.

A unique attribute of the ecosystem is the Next Wave ACE program. ACEs (Advisory Council Experts) are qualified industry thought leaders committed to leading the transformation of healthcare through active service within the Next Wave Connect ecosystem. These subject matter experts provide insights and resources for solving challenges and facilitating innovation for better healthcare. Thought leaders are selectively considered for subject matter expertise and how they can contribute within the ecosystem to ensure quality engagement for all members. Quality contributions and engagement from ACEs are critical to the viability of the ecosystem.

Dr. Blackford Middleton, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) recently joined Next Wave as an ACE. When asked about the value of Next Wave Connect, Dr. Middleton had this to say, “Next Wave Connect has a vision for improving healthcare. By leveraging technology, they are bringing top-shelf expertise together to collaboratively solve complex challenges.” Previously, Dr. Middleton served as a Professor of Biomedical Informatics, and/or Medicine, at Stanford, Harvard, and Vanderbilt Universities.

A hallmark of the ACE program and the Next Wave ecosystem is diversity. With the complexity of healthcare, cross-collaboration between disciplines is critical. From operations to technology to finance to clinical…leaders have increasing needs and pressure to cross-collaborate.

Michael Heuninckx, RN-BSN was recently invited to become an ACE. “The global social sites are vague and don't make it easy to find the right people to have meaningful dialogue…those that can act as a catalyst for innovation and change”, said Heuninckx, an experienced Emergency Department Nurse and host of The Household Health Podcast. “Next Wave Connect is different. The people in Next Wave are all working to solve common problems that everyone in healthcare is facing. Healthcare systems value this because of the collaborative and diverse strength of the community.”

Justin Barnes, ACE and healthcare innovation executive at Justin Barnes Advisors shared his perspective, “Before Next Wave Connect, we would connect and collaborate with each other in pockets in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Boston. But it was fragmented; not really connected. Next Wave makes it possible to bring us all together. The result is a smarter, sustainable worldwide healthcare system.” Justin is also the host of the weekly syndicated radio show “This Just In”.

“Advisory Council Experts are a critical part of the fabric of the Next Wave Connect community ecosystem,” said Jim Jacobs, CEO of Next Wave. “We are pleased to welcome Dr. Middleton, Michael, and Justin to the community. Their expertise and contribution will enrich the value experienced throughout the communities across the ecosystem.”


Meet the rest of our ACEs:

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