sWave Services

The Solution Partner program truly is just that... a partnership. This is why every plan is completely customizable. We don't want you to pay for things you don't need or have to try and define your needs based on a series of tiers or plans. We will work with you to create a plan that works just for you and your needs.

Example Services:

Event Promotion
Have an event, virtual or on-location? We will help you promote it within the ecosystem via email and social posting.

Blog Management
We work with your stakeholders and subject matter experts to publish and distribute a monthly blog within the ecosystem. We’ll even ghost write the content and work with you to polish the final output.  

Content Production Package
You have needs to produce special content for the ecosystem. We can help…from infographics to image graphics, promo posts, and event recap videos.

Becoming an Advisory Council Expert (ACE) provides immediate legitimacy for your designated ACE(s) and your brand. Tap your subject matter experts or other influential stakeholders for this role. It is an excellent way to build relationships, develop trust, and help shape the conversation in healthcare.

Quick Response Play
Specific application of connecting the right people around a conversation on a specific topic to facilitate meaningful engagement

NWC EcoSystem

What to Expect

  • Influence buying decisions
  • Extend the right awareness of your brand
  • Become a legitimate thought leader
  • Be part of and shape the conversation
  • Access real-time market intelligence
  • Extend your content production immediately and make it part of the right conversations
  • Facilitate engagement even when you aren’t physically able to do so
  • Create stickiness with your customer base
  • See engagement and value through data insights
  • Increase speed and impact of your collaboration
  • Amplify your sales and marketing team

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