Vision of an Industry Pioneer


Ivo began his career in healthcare at Perot Systems and was an early proponent of clinical transformation. 

The idea that healthcare systems could use technology to improve patient care and outcomes led the formation of Healthlink Corporation in 1988. Healthlink grew to be the largest privately held, provider-focused, healthcare technology consulting firm in the world when IBM acquired it in 2005. 

In 2009, Ivo co-founded Encore Health Resources, A Quintiles Company, to assist healthcare organizations in mining the business intelligence accrued after decades of process and technology improvements. 

Bottom line: Next Wave Connect is not Ivo's first rodeo.

A few years ago during a conversation with a few care provider colleagues, Ivo discovered a gap in the need for everyone to collaborate after meetings and conventions. How could he use technology to solve the need for collaboration across the broader industry community?

It was not enough to create a new website and invite people to join. To truly create a community, requires commitment from pioneers. So that's what Ivo, with the help of trusted advisor Mort Meyerson did. They pieced together 27 industry leading healthcare organizations inclusive of more than 400 hospitals across 30 states and launched Now Next Wave Connect is the only community ecosystem for associations, healthcare providers, and solutions companies.